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Control, Alt, Delete: 5 ways the Marketplace glitches can affect you


If you’re one of the millions of underinsured or uninsured Americans that waited patiently for the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance marketplaces that launched last Tuesday, odds are you’re still waiting.

The federal government’s online marketplace,, as well as the individual state marketplaces launched simultaneously, seemed to be an easy way for people to shop for and purchase health insurance. What they got so far, though, has been completely different.

The marketplaces became overwhelmed, preventing shoppers from submitting their information in order to receive quotes. For those with enough patience to receive a quote, glitches and other infrastructure issues made it impossible to complete an application.

A week later, IT experts are still investigating these glitches and attempting to fix them. While they’re hard at work finding the bugs that have prevented millions of Americans from viewing their options under the marketplaces, they also have to address the shoppers already impacted by these glitches.

Here’s a list of 5 ways these marketplace glitches can affect you while shopping the healthcare exchanges:

1.    Surprise! You’re eligible for Medicaid!

If you’re shopping for health insurance in one of the states that have reported problems with processing Medicaid-eligible applications, you may not know you’re eligible until after the fact. Users that are eligible will have to complete their applications manually via a phone call.

2.    Some marketplaces aren’t calculating subsidies and tax credits

If you’ve been uninsured for some time because health insurance was just financially out of reach, the subsidies and tax credits that were promised as part of the Affordable Care Act would have allowed you to afford a plan on your state’s marketplace. Glitches reported in some states have been preventing these credits and subsidies from being issued to applicants.

3.    Spanish-speaking users aren’t able to apply for insurance

A glitch reported earlier last week that affects the federal government’s Spanish version of the exchange, (literally has been preventing them from applying for insurance. When attempting to apply for a plan, users of the Spanish website are sent into an infinite loop.

4.    Your personal information may be in limbo

When you submit your personal information for a quote on health insurance marketplaces, your data is pulled from a number of government departments, like the Social Security Administration, the IRS, and more. But when the website crashes and doesn’t load your quotes, what happens to your data? IT analysts and hackers alike are currently trying to find out.

5.    Your successful application may not get you anywhere

If you’re one of the lucky few who were able to successfully submit your information, receive a quote, and apply for a plan, you may be feeling pretty good about your new healthcare plan. However, glitches in the marketplaces have corrupted data, leaving as few as 1 in 100 applications made through healthcare exchanges with enough information to enroll applicants in plans.

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