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How to Select the Plan That’s Right for You

Health insurance is complicated, and choosing the right plan for you and your family can be difficult. The first step you should take is to identify your specific needs regarding health care coverage. Do you need coverage for just yourself, or for you and your family members? What type of coverage are you looking for? Would basic coverage including doctor visits and preventative care meet your needs? Or, are you looking for more comprehensive coverage to include benefits for catastrophic care? How much can you afford to pay for health care coverage? Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be ready to weigh your options and make the right selection.

Keep in mind that we have a variety of programs and plans available to choose from, each with varying levels of benefits, services and cost. Though cost is an important factor, we urge you to consider the details of each plan very carefully and resist the temptation to make your purchase based on cost alone. Even our most comprehensive plans are affordable, so take the time to find the plan that fits just right, for your family and your wallet.

We encourage you to browse through the available plans on our site and carefully evaluate them, checking each to see how the benefits line up with your specific needs. When you’re ready, click here and select a state, then scroll through the tabs to view the different plans that are available in your resident state. Each plan has its own tab that includes a brief description, along with some highlighted benefits and pricing. We encourage you to scroll down and read through the coverage specifics – there you’ll learn everything you need to know to make an educated decision.

And as always, if you have any questions we encourage you to call us today and speak to a caring iCan agent licensed in your state. Our entire team is committed to helping you make smart insurance choices you can actually afford!

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Affordable health insurance with iCan

Welcome to the official iCan website, where our mission is to provide you with a wide variety of affordable health coverage options. We offer major medical plans that are fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act, supplemental insurance plans, non-insured benefit programs to help you lead a healthier life, and much more. Our goal is to help you find a plan that fits your budget. Our Licensed Agents will help you make a smart choice about your insurance coverage, and then help you get the most out of your benefits once you’ve made a selection.

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