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We all need help at times in our lives, especially when we have an accident and get hurt. Kids love to ride their bike, play basketball, “cops and robbers,” and hang out by the local stream. What if one day somebody falls off their bike, falls down on their knee while playing basketball, runs into a pole while trying to get away from their friend who is a “cop,” or gets bitten by a bad spider when sitting down on a large rock at the local stream? Who will help the person who got hurt? In these situations, we need somebody who can help when they get a bad burn, nose bleed, broken bone, allergic reaction, asthma attack, or are they simply upset and thinking bad thoughts. The kids who make a difference will have a lot of first aid knowledge, or will know exactly what to do if their friend or unfamiliar pupil gets hurt.

After finding somebody who has an injury, the first step would be to stay calm, thinking before doing anything, talk to the injured person, and look for an adult to help. If the person looks very sick or badly hurt, then the first step should be to find the nearest adult and call 911, or the local emergency department. Before taking action, remember to look and listen for danger. Next, ask the person about the problem. If the person touched a hot stove, then he might have a bad burn. Tell him to cool burn under running water for at least 10 minutes, and then immediately tell an adult.

If she has a bad nose bleed, then tell her to sit up straight, lean her head forward, and pinch the soft part of the nose for 10 minutes. If he is choking, hit the person on the back up to five times, check their mouth, and remove the object immediately. If she is sleeping in a weird place and does not wake up, then gently tip their head back to see if they are breathing. Call 911 if she does not respond, or show signs of breathing. If he has a broken bone, tell him to remain still and then place clothes, pillows, or hand around the injury to support it from breaking more. If she has a bad bleed, press on the spot where the bleeding is coming from with a t-shirt. I f he has an allergic reaction, stay away from what caused their injury, get the person to sit comfortably, and tell them to take any medication if they have it. If he is having an asthma attack, get the person to find a comfortable place to sit, ask them to point in the right direction of their inhaler, and then give it to him. If she is upset, remain calm and ask her what happened, listen to them, help them if you can, and then get an adult who can be trusted.

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