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How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The holiday season is in full swing and with Christmas and the New Year coming, the amount of food the average American eat will increase significantly. Make no bones about it either, those extra calories will undeniably result in weight gain for most of us! Nevertheless, you can still enjoy your favorite seasonal fare and avoid serious weight gain by following these 3 tips:

Don’t eat for taste

There are many flavors that only come around once per year, which can make them more novel and attractive to the taste bud. The truth is, however, these types of flavored infused foods are generally unhealthy for a long-term diet. Pumpkin-spiced and peppermint-flavored foods for example are amazing, but are often full of sugar and other sweeteners. So, while it’s nice to indulge in these while they’re prevalent, try not to make a habit out of eating them purely for seasonal reasons.

Limit your drinking

Between sport events and family get-togethers, you can expect a fair bit of drinking during the next few months. Whether you’re having wine with dinner or some seasonal eggnog, you should make sure you limit your libations to avoid excess empty calories.

Make a resolution

Knowing your calorie intake has ramped up these past few weeks, you should look toward the New Year as a way to leave your 2013 holiday eating habits behind. Once 2014 is here, make a resolution to resume a healthy, stable diet - and if necessary - modify it for further holiday weight loss.

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