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An Obamacare Summary - What You Don't Know

With the passing of the Obamacare bill, many people believe that the debate about socialized medicine in the United States is over. The truth is that Obamacare will continue to make the health of our country an issue for years to come.

Contrary to what some may say, Obamacare is set to raise health insurance premiums across the board for the entire country. Conservative opponents of the health care initiative are succeeding in forcing the Obama administration to re-brand the federal insurance exchange; however, there are many aspects of Obamacare that will still cripple the economy while destroying the personal finances of millions of Americans.

A few relevant Obamacare facts:
  1. Obamacare links the premiums for older and younger Americans. As a result, younger Americans will see a marked increase in their premium payments through no fault of their own. In the past, younger health care applicants would receive lower premiums because of their minimal risk of medical emergency. This will be all but wiped out with Obamacare.

  2. Although Obamacare proponents claim that it makes it easier for all people to obtain health insurance, provisions within the bill disallowing insurance companies to fully capitalize on market practices will actually decrease the number of people with health insurance. The low mandate penalties will actually incentivize people to forego getting health insurance because the punishment for refusing to pay a high premium is virtually negligible.

  3. Obamacare is forcing states to work with the federal government, giving them a virtual monopoly on prices. However, because of the lower services that the government is expected to give to the general public, most people will opt out of the federal option. This will leave only low income earners on the payroll of the federal government. The system is set to implode on itself because those people will be even less able to pay their premiums and co-pays than they are now. On top of this, they will have to deal with much slower service because of the increased number of people on the federal roll.

  4. If one were to give an Obamacare summary, it would say that almost everything that the Obama administration said about the program will backfire and cause people to pay much more while receiving less service. The resistance to Obamacare is mounting in many states. The battle is not over for the health of the country.

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